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2 years ago

S1E1 - Sleep: Friend or Foe?

Sleep Apnea / Apnoea, Insomnia or for you lucky guys: just a great nights sleep all the time.

Sleep, is it your friend or enemy? While many of us sleep well with no issues, there is a growing number of people that suffer with an array of sleep disorders that are ruining their lives. Today we speak to some people that are battling sleep problems and a guest that is helping millions get a great one. After all, there's a reason that sleep is used to both heal and torture people.

Guests today are:

Matt Sanderson from Nooks and Crannies Podcast: https://nooksandcrannies.podbean.com/

Dearest Scooter from Sleep With Me: The Podcast: https://www.sleepwithmepodcast.com/

Doctor David McIntosh Author of Snored To Death: https://www.facebook.com/snoredtodeath/

Shemeika: https://twitter.com/SheMeNaomi

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